KTM Services, Inc. is a distributor of oriental snack foods. The Company was established in 1994 to fulfill a market demand to provide quality Asian snacks at a fair price. Since its inception, KTM Services have grown tremendously as the demand for our products have grown.

Our mission is to have our products available for customers to purchase at convenient locations. We are always adding new items to our product portfolio. Many of these products are the result to identifying market trends. We are fortunate to receive many suggestions from consumer feedback.

The success of KTM Services, Inc. is possible from the tremendous support from consumers, manufacturers, retailers, and the KTM staff. It is through the Grace of God we are able to communicate with such efficiency in order to achieve our goals.

Our hope is that we continue to exceed your expectations in the snack area as well as continue to capture your interest through the development of new products.

About Us