What we're all about...

It started with a dream placed in your heart and an expression to someone that would listen.  KTM Services, Inc. was foundedin 1994 based on a dream the owner, Thanh, had in his heart.  He wanted to see more snacks provided in the Hawaii market and felt he could be a small part of making it happen.  This small company was on its waywith the determination of Kamei (wife), Thanh (founder) and Muoi (Thanh’s mother) creating KTM Services Inc.  There were challenges along the way, as many people were satisfied with what Hawaii already had in the snack market and otherswould not want to give them a chance because theywere young and had no history. Yet, these 3 believed that if they worked hard and did their best, that there would be a breakthrough. 

They took time to learn the processes, educate themselves in proper business protocols, and listened to what family and friends would share what they love to eat.  Building a business took many long hours, but the love and faith in God helped this family prosper. KTM Services currently employs over 60 employees and proudly supports their community.

A familiar question people ask, how did you come up with the name Enjoy?  When they first started out, sales were slim. So they got support from friends and family . One faithful friend would see how hard Thanh and Muoi worked.  So he purchased some coffee candy and preserved seeds from KTM and gave it to the change girls on his Las Vegas trips.  As he gave the snacks, he would say to them “Enjoy”.  When he shared this story with the company, they thought…that is such a nice thing to say.  The brand Enjoy was born.

KTM Services is truly blessed and looks forward to providing quality snacks to our loyal customers.  Mahalo for your constant support and Enjoy!